Clinical Dermatology

It’s your skin. Keep it as healthy as possible.

Skin is the body’s largest organ. It is with you from the moment you’re born, and through every aspect and change in your life. It is the first thing that people see, so keeping it as healthy as possible is key. At Medford Derm, we conduct evaluations and provide treatments for a variety of skin conditions and skin diseases, both those that are common and those that are rare.

Clinical Dermatology Skin Exam

Come see us so we can “see” your skin up close.

If your skin has developed color changes or sudden imperfections like rashes, rough textures, or if you’ve noticed changes in moles, come see us. It might be harmless but it might be something more serious. At Medford Derm, we are experts in caring for your skin, whether it’s a minor issue or something more serious, like skin cancer.

When it comes to caring for and managing skin conditions, diagnosis and individualized specific treatment is key. We practice medicine from both a scientific aspect and as an art form because we understand that good skin treatment is a synergy of both. And we understand that one size rarely fits all when it comes to clinical dermatology. All practitioners have different understandings and treatment protocols. But one aspect never changes: the pursuit of great outcomes for our patients and their skin. At Medford Derm, our ongoing commitment is to provide the best attainable clinical outcomes for our patients. Come see us so we can “see” your skin.