Clinical Dermatology

Proactive Skin Exams

A routine skin check is one of the easiest and most effective early skin cancer detection methods, providing Medford Derm dermatology providers the opportunity to discuss any concerning skin issues.

Proactive Skin Exams

Proactive skin examinations can be lifesavers. This means having a clinical dermatology provider check your skin even if nothing appears to be wrong. Fair-skinned people can benefit greatly from proactive screening skin exams. It’s also recommended for those who have many moles, extensive sun damage, or a personal or strong family history of skin cancer.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, when caught early, even melanoma has a 98% cure rate.

As you get older, your chance of developing skin cancers and other skin problems increases. Proactive skin exams provide us the opportunity to detect skin cancer earlier when it is easier to treat. These exams also provide an opportunity to address new skin changes, growths, rashes, or other concerns. Many changes occur in skin over time and some of these changes may be undesirable but highly treatable.

When you have a skin exam, you’ll be provided a cloth gown with an opening in the back. Exams are performed in a reclined position on a comfortable computerized exam chair/table. A bright mobile light and special magnifier allow our clinical dermatologists to accurately detect issues.

The recommended frequency of proactive or routine skin exams is customized based on the unique clinical characteristics of each patient.