Clinical Dermatology

Rash Evaluation

At Medford Derm, we like to make rash decisions, and do so quickly and efficiently. By specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of skin rashes, we can help get your skin back to healthy. While skin rashes can be challenging, we have the expertise needed to evaluate and care for your particular issue.

Rash Evaluation

You’re never too young or too old to develop a rash. Many are common and some are rare. Equally, many are easy to diagnose and treat but others can be more difficult and require some detective work. If you’ve developed a rash, it may be related to an allergic reaction, irritation from excessive dryness, or contact with irritants including harsh chemicals.

Allergic reactions are called contact dermatitis and cause itching and blistering after contact with an allergen. Common items that cause such a reaction include: poison oak, metals like nickel, substances like rubber, some cosmetics, preservatives, and fragrances. Atopic dermatitis and dry skin eczema are common in young and old respectively. These types of rashes are often referred to as an itch first that then leads to a rash.

If you’ve developed a rash, especially one that lasts and becomes painful as well as itchy, you need proper diagnosis and treatment.

In addition to these more common types of rashes, there are also skin disorders such as psoriasis, shingles and more that most commonly present as a rash. If you’ve developed a rash, especially one that lasts and becomes painful as well as itchy, come to Medford Derm for proper diagnosis and treatment. For unusual rashes, we may perform a biopsy.

Treatment of rashes depends on the diagnosis. As an example, for dry skin eczema and atopic dermatitis, we often employ a multifaceted treatment plan including medication, proper skin care, trigger avoidance, and coping mechanisms.

Dermatology professionals like those at Medford Derm have the expertise required to properly diagnose, manage and treat a variety of skin rashes.